Fun Facts

I’ll try to add a new one every week!

  1. I’m an extremely mixed “Wasian”.
  2. My most irrational fear is of giant squids.
  3. My favorite candy is cherry Sour Punch Straws.
  4. I’m getting my B.S in Biological Sciences at UC Davis with an emphasis in Neurology, Physiology, and Behavior.
  5. My favorite series of video games are probably Legend of Zelda and Spyro.
  6. I have a tendency to spell things the British way.
  7. My left eye twitches when I eat really sour foods/candies.
  8. I find paranormal shows/stories fascinating.
  9. I don’t typically like cake. (except ice cream cake… ice cream cake is acceptable).
  10. In fact, my favorite pie is olallieberry pie.
  11. I collect tea cups, music boxes, and giant microbes.
  12. I detest walnuts in baked goods.
  13. I have a strange attraction to left handed people.
  14. Marine animals are my favorite type of animal, with dolphins and jellyfish being at the top.
  15. I prefer to eat the ends of loaves of bread.
  16. I talk in my sleep quite frequently.
  17. Even though I’m about to graduate college, I still get excited when my mom gives me Disney character band-aids.
  18. I’m a cynical optimist.
  19. When I retire, I want to become a librarian.
  20. I know think folded potato chips taste better than unfolded ones.
  21. I really love hand written notes.
  22. It’s not really unique, but I cross my Z’s and 7’s.
  23. I have to chew equally on both sides of my mouth when I eat. Or if their are pieces of something I chew the same number on both sides.
  24. I get goosebumps all over my body when i sneeze.
  25. I snap my fingers using my pinky.
  26. I’m usually more comfortable eating with chopsticks than any other utensil.